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Richmond / Vancouver — A Weekend of Dumplings and Luxury

Richmond / Vancouver — A Weekend of Dumplings and Luxury


Andrew, Istiana, Terry & I (AKA the #AsianSnackSquad) went on a weekend adventure to the West Coast to explore the Dumpling Trail of Richmond, BC and live like Crazy Rich Asians at Parq Vancouver.


The Dumpling Trail is a collection of 20 restaurants serving up some of the most delectable dumplings from a variety of Asian cuisines. It was even listed among CNN Travel’s list of 12 of the world’s most enticing food and drink trails! We had Korean mandu, traditional Chinese dimsum, and tried dumplings we’ve never had before like halal and Vietnamese dumplings. They were crispy, they were chewy, they were stuffed — and by the end of the trail, SO WERE WE!

Check out Istiana’s video of our weekend and eat your hearts out with us :


Whether you’re looking for a romantic & luxurious weekend getaway with your significant other or an exciting weekend trip with your friends, Parq Vancouver is the spot. This incredible urban entertainment complex holds 2 luxury hotels (JW Marriott & The Douglas), 8 restaurants and lounges, a spa, and even a casino.

We had the opportunity to stay in the most incredible 2,000-square-foot Presidential Sky Suite on the 25th floor with breathtakingly stunning views and decor of my dreams. We got to live like Crazy Rich Asians for one weekend - filled with a private baccarat lesson, a feast fit for a king at The Victor, a luxurious spa treatment - and I’m still reeling from the high!

Check out Andrew’s video to Play at Parq with us ::

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HOW TO : Prevent Sucky Injuries

HOW TO : Prevent Sucky Injuries

Asking for help is a strength, not a weakness

Asking for help is a strength, not a weakness