I’m Sylvia - aka hyeeah.
Fun Fact : hyee-ah is my Korean name!
[ 희아 ]
It sounds just like a martial arts fighting sound… heeeeee-yah!

Talking about yourself can be strange so I’ll keep this short + sweet. I quit my 9-5 life to pursue my passion in fitness + health, aspiring to live a life of fulfillment and hoping to inspire others along the way. Follow my journey as I continue to evolve and grow into my fullest authentic self!


Dear Toronto's Fitness Community : I LOVE YOU.

Dear Toronto's Fitness Community : I LOVE YOU.

I feel so blessed to work in an industry that is about positivity, encouragement, and lifting each other. And I got to experience all of that at another level with City Shred last week. If you’re not familiar, City Shred is an epic outdoor group-training event that is led by Celebrity Trainers and Toronto’s top fitness leaders in the community. I am still soaring (and sore-ing) from the high after completing enough burpees for the rest of the year, meeting incredibly inspiring people in the community, and surviving my first ever #CityShred.


  • A live DJ

  • A 10-minute partner burpee challenge

  • Tire-flipping competitions

  • Incredible calisthenics demo - brought to you by some of the city’s top gurus @littletfitness, @soooconrad, @mikemike_unbreakable

  • And as @city_shred put it - Hundreds of People. Thousands of Posts. Millions of Impressions. Endless Energy.

HUGE THANK YOU to all of the ridiculously strong people who pushed me to my limits ALL. DAY. LONG (you know who you are!)



HOW TO : Help Fight Marine Plastic Pollution

HOW TO : Help Fight Marine Plastic Pollution